Remote moderated testing and reporting


How do you validate your UX hypotheses and build high-fidelity prototypes that look and work like your app should? The answer is simple - use great software and test, test, test, test. The best product and UX decisions are informed through experimentation and testing in the marketplace. From Fortune 500 companies to early stage startups, the benefits of highly visual prototype designs and regular user research can transform your ideas into beautiful products that customers will actually use.
Join Juan Lopez from Validately and Todd Siegel from for an interactive discussion and Q&A about building effective prototypes and getting the most out of your user research.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
- How to transform your idea into an inspiring user experience
- How early validation helps avoid costly and time-consuming design changes
- How to put user insights directly to use in your application
- How your research reports can enhance collaboration and buy-in from stakeholders






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