Important announcement regarding Lookback accounts

Lookback has announced that they have become a paid-only product. users who create a Lookback account after March 9th, are effectively registering for a free 14-day trial.

Users who created a Lookback account prior to March 9th (referred to as beta-users) have probably received an email asking them to upgrade to one of their paid plans by April 15th. (See announcement here: On their website they state:

“After April 15th, you will no longer be able to access to your organization's dashboard in Lookback until you subscribe to a paid plan.
While you won't be able to access your recordings from the dashboard, we currently don't delete your recordings until after a period of time (months, typically). This may change in the future, so you may want to make sure to export your recordings before your plan expires.”

What you need to do:
If you created an account prior to March 9th:
Lookback recommends that these users (referred to as beta-users) proceed with signing up for the free 14-day trial before April 15th to:

  • Continue using the recording feature through the app during the trial period
  • Continue to access their recordings in the Lookback dashboard during the trial period

If you created your account after March 9th:
Then you are already under a 14-day free trial.

You will have to choose one of the paid plans to continue using the recording features through after your trial period runs out.

Please note that the new Lookback features like “Live” and “Participate” are not available through the App. Upgrading to a paid Lookback plan will not enable additional features within, however it will be the only way for you to continue using the existing recording features after your Lookback trial runs out.

We are currently investigating the possibility of our users taking advantage of the new Lookback services, once Lookback offers an API that will facilitate integration with them.

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