What has changed in Proto.io 6




Publish Project

Share Project

Published versions

Share links

Note: see at the end of the article for what kind of Share links old users will find in their projects.

Share with Everyone (no sign in required)

“Share Project” modal -> “Share with” tab -> Share with Everyone option

Note: see at the end of the article for what kind of Share links old users will find in their projects.

Share with Reviewers (sign in required)

“Share Project” modal - > “Share with” tab - > Reviewers option

Note: see at the end of the article for what kind of Share links old users will find in their projects.

Invite reviewers by email option

“Share Project” modal - > “Share with” tab - > Notify by email option

Unpublish/ Re-publish

Pause / Resume Share link


“Share Project” modal - > “Options” tab - > Snapshot


“Share Project” modal - > “Options” tab - > Live Version (Shared with Reviewers)

Make comments visible to non-members (in Publish project)

"Share Project" modal -> "Options" tab -> Allow Comments switch

Comments per project

Comments per Share link

Reviewers created from Dashboard and assigned to Projects

Reviewers created from Share Project modal, given access to specific Share links.

Scan QR code


Embed code in Player (published version)

EMBED tab in Share Project modal, per Share link

Grid system

Layout settings

Screens/Containers dropdown

Screens/Containers menu (thumbnail and list view)


Set start screens, Set project background → PROJECT SETTINGS under the side menu

Variables Manager in Top Toolbar

Copy between Projects in the side menu

Load from backup


Load from Backup accessible from the side menu

Custom devices on the main Dashboard menu

Custom Devices under the Profile menu (Dashboard)

Export to HTML and PNG under Share

Under Download (top toolbar)

Properties pane had 3 tabs (Size&Pos, Properties and Interactions)


Properties Inspector has 2 tabs: Properties and Interactions. Properties now includes everything that was in Size&Pos and Properties before.

UI item - Edit Size and Position from Properties pane

In Properties Inspector you can define the position by X, Y coordinates and size in width (W) and height (H) in pixels.

For positioning you can use the alignment icons above the canvas, which work even when a single UI item is selected.


Note: The 'Auto' setting and Margin-based positioning are discontinued. Old projects that use these will appear fine in Player and all corresponding Snapshot Share links will show the prototype as they did. However, once the UI item(s) affected are moved/resized in the Proto.io Editor, then the owner/designer should take care so as to make sure that the desired behavior is preserved.   

States transition:

you viewed your <end_state> in the Canvas and you were editing <Start_state> to <end_state> in the timeline

Now you can view either <Start_state> or <End_state> in the Canvas and edit the transition between the two in the timeline.

You can navigate through all your transitions independently.

Preview project to preview transitions

Preview transitions in timeline (Play control buttons)


State interactions (all at the same place)

State interactions (State enter, state leave, key down) are accessed from the STATES tab

or under the thumbnail in the transition tab

State transition interactions (on transition start, on transition end) are accessed from the transition timeline.

What kind of Share links will old users find in their projects?


Old published version “Shared with everyone”


2 Share links: 1 of type Snapshot "Shared with everyone with the link" and 1 of type Snapshot "Shared with Reviewers" where reviewers are all users who have access to the particular project.

Old published version “shared with reviewers”


Share link of type Snapshot with the same access settings

Old project with Live Preview switch ON  ⇒  Additional Share link of type Live Version, Shared with Reviewers where reviewers are all users who have access to the particular project.


Old Published versions “Shared with everyone” are turned into two Snapshot Share links, one “shared with everyone with the link” and one “Shared with reviewers”.

Old published versions “shared with reviewers” are converted into Share links with the same access settings.

All Published versions were converted to the corresponding Share links of type Snapshot, which means taken at that point in time. In the cases where projects had the old Live Preview switch ON, then an additional Share link of type Live Version (Shared with Reviewers) was created.

Previously comments were recorded per project, whereas now comments are recorded per Share link.

Old project comments (previous version of Proto.io) are transferred across to all Share links of that project (Proto.io 6). These old project comments will also appear as Editors comments.



How old transitions appear in Proto.io 6


Previously when you had State 2 open in your Canvas, you were editing transition from State 1 to State 2 (timeline at the bottom). When you opened State 1 in your Canvas, you were editing transition from State 2 to State 1. 

Now in Proto.io 6 you can navigate through your states independently and edit your transitions independently. When you edit e.g. transition from State 1 to State 2, you are free to view either State in the Canvas. Moreover, you can preview your transition right here using the Play controls. The task of creating great transitions is now easier and clearer than ever!

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