How do I give the Support team access to my account to help me?

Your account and projects are private and only accessible to you and other authorized users.

In cases where you encounter a problem in your project and contact the support team, they will do their best to help you solve it. If the problem appears to persist, the Support team might ask to access the project so as to better investigate the problem.

To temporarily give the Support team account access you need to go to the 'Support Access' section under the profile menu in the Dashboard



  • if you’re the account owner or admin, turn the "Grant account access" switch ON.
  • If you’re a designer, turn the "Grant account access" switch ON. If you don’t see this switch but instead you see a warning message, please contact the account owner and ask them to enable the option for you. The enabling is again done in the “Manage Account Access” section (second switch).



It is recommended that you inform the Support Team when the access is given so that they react as soon as possible. When the access duration expires, the switch automatically sets itself to OFF.

We respect and value your privacy and data. Our Privacy policy applies at all times.

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