Syncing container states across pages

I was wondering if it is possible to sync a container states across multiple pages. So I have a nested horizontal scroll container and it's parent container has chevrons to move the container. The parent container also has a segment towards the bottom which minimizes the container. I need this minimize effect to apply to all pages at once so if a user navigates to a new page, the new page already has the container minimized. The other issue I'm having which probably relates to the first issue is that the container on the next screen is in it's first state which is blank. I know I can create a screen transition which switches the state. I also know I cannot set the container state to state 2 since the container is nested. Is there a way I can apply logic to the container on all screens to change it's state if any of the other containers are changed? I am able to move content up on other screens which is apart of the minimize effect but if I leave a page that has the container minimized and go to another page that does not have the container minimized, the content moves behind the container, and I can not use the navigation toggle that I used to switch to the second screen. 

Sorry for the long winded question, I've been racking my brain to figure this one out. 



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