Container: fire when next/previous slide is reached ("Container scroll to" trigger without pixel parameter)

What I want to establish:

If I scroll in a carousel I want another container below that carousel (just text inside) change its state. E.g. if the carousel scrolls to the next slide I want the container change to the next state.

But the only solution/workaround I can only find is to create a new interaction on the carousel and set as trigger: Container scroll to => rightwards or leftwards.

That would solve my problem, but there's another parameter: "scroll to" in pixels, which is required to fill in. Now the problem is, that pixels are not device-independent. Then my container on a phone with a high dpi would change its state too early/even if the user scrolled litte or the opposite would happen.

Page Controller and Carousel can stay in sync because the Controller has an explicit action ("Sync page controller item"). This is doing exactly what I want: Notifying the controller when another slide is actually reached (not when the carousel is only being swiped a few millimetres forth or back which probably fire an event because the phone has a high dpi).


Are there any solutions?


Thank you


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