How do you work efficiently with containers and screens?

Something I'm finding a bit painful is that I'm at a point on a screen where I need a new container, a variation of one I already have.

So I click "Containers" in the top left, then copy the container and edit the new copy.  That's great.

The hassle is getting back to add that container on the screen.

First I click "Screens" to get the screen list back, then I have to click the screen I was working on.   

Then I have to click "Containers" again to return again to the Containers list that I just left, to be able to grab the new container and put it on the screen.   

There has to be a better way?   Is there a quicker way to get to the screen you were editing or a way to grab a container from the container list without having to open it in the top left?

(It's even more painful when you inadvertently click instead of drag the new container, resulting in you being taken back to editing it, away from the screen you just selected!)




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