Transition items in State Transition

Here I've made a small app example https://pr.to/JE27B8/ . In it i try to make an 'android like' navigation drawer menu. The menu is a container with state transition, and the sections are grouped text and icon. But as you can see only the second section moves with the slide animation, the others just appear and disappear. (The circle image and the green rectangle slide as well)

I tried to find the problem and found that inside the State Transition page there are the items from the container and there is an arrow that points downwards and in the case of the second selection it says - "Position - Horizontal, Position - Vertical", but on the other sections it says (in case it's the 1st State) - "Remove component", (in the case it's the 2nd State) - "Add component".

So i guess that's why they just appear, and not slide as the second section, but WHY? And how do i change this state ?? I haven't found a solution on the web, and hope someone in here can help me with this problem. 

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