Adjusting container height?

I'm unsure if there is something wrong with my logic (I do not believe so) or if there is currently a big with these elements.

I am using a container to house a list of elements which are 'categories', when there are active users within these 'categories' you can tap them to expand the list of users and view a small amount of data. Here is my process thus far:

container has a default height of 1000px, I have created a variable listHeight with a default value of 1000px. I am running some logic through the interactions thats just telling proto to add a specified amount of pixels to the listHeight variable ({listHeight}+200 for instance) and then I am using change property on current container to set the height to the new value of the variable. This APPEARS to work when I have the containers scroll disabled by default, however I am then unable to scroll and view the rest of my content below the screen. When I enable vertical scroll I can see the height visibly getting longer onTap (background color visibly stretches 200px further down the viewport) HOWEVER I seem to lose scrollability, and the my content itself is still cut off at the 1000px mark.

I know my variable is being updated, as I have a debug check outputing to a text field between the initial variable value change and the update call to the height parameter of my container, I then do another debug check to a text field for the current value of the height field of my container, which is also getting updated.

My initial thought was that 'container height' as is specified in container properties and the 'height' field that you can change through interactions are different? But that doesn't seem to be right as my content does become visible to the bottom of the viewport when scroll is disabled. Is this a bug? Does anyone have ANY idea how I can dynamically adjust the container height?



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