height of text box

I am trying to emulate a blog post.The posts are represented as a text display box inside a container inside a screen.

I capture the text from a textarea and assign it to a variable.

I then set the ccontent of a text box by using that variable. This works. 

But I then need to insert that text box into a scrollable container, or, if that is not possible, adjust the existing containers down by a certain amount and move a prexisting but offscreen container (that contains the new text) into position. In order to adjust the position of the existing containers, I need to

1. capture the new height of the text display box

2. adjust the size of the container to accommodate the new next size.

2. offset downwards the existing post by the height of the new post.

Do you have any examples of this? It seems like it would be a common pattern. The 'vertical scrolling fee with expandable content" pattern was opaque and unusable.


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