Controlling Volume on 2 videos on state change


Im simulating having a video be viewable in portrait and landscape mode by running two videos on separate screens at the same time and on orientation change switching between two screens.

Also the volume is being controlled is being controlled on orientation change/before viewing screen so the non-visible video is muted and the visible video volume is at 100.

We are running into an issue when we use the video player in states and are running the video player so that when one video ends it moves onto the next state and plays the next video (in both videos so the landscape/portrait videos stay in sync).  Think a YouTube playlist that autoplays the entire list.

The issue is when the video end and triggers the moving onto the next state in both video players, the audio for both videos is at 100.  

Any thought about how to replicate that YouTube playlist functionality without both videos volumes being at 100?





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