2 proto.io prototypes reacting on each other



Who's ever managed to have 2 proto.io prototypes reacting on each other? 

I want to user-test the following:

- User selects item on tablet/phone 1

- Tablet/phone 2 reacts by asking for card and PIN to pay for it


Ideally I want to demo/test this with the least amount of hassle and a high amount of reliability. Any ideas?

- Is it possible from within the Proto.io player app?

- Or do I need to export the 2 prototypes and edit the javascript and link them to a back-end? If that's the case what is a nice simple back-end service to use?


This would be a very cool and distinctive feature: let prototype A change a variable in prototype B if they are both running on the same network (or if both are hosted by same local Wifi network)

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