Set conditional logic to make button X go to page Z, instead of Y

Hey guys,


I want to make a full-size demo of my app, that includes empty states and filled states. Let's for example take an app that got three screens. If you open the app and are not logged in, all three pages show nothing. But if you log in, then two out of three pages are filled. However, if you click a button on page 2, then page 3 gets filled.

For my demo I would like to make variables, such as 'Logged in: 0/1', whereas a button would go to screen X when set to 0 and go to screen Y when the variable is set to 1. 

This of course should be demo-wide. So the button should go to screen Y, when the variable is set to '1', from whenever screen you currently are at.


But how would I achieve that? No where 'read variable' or 'If variable is' functionality to be found. 

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