App Bar of Android's Material Design


Please, where is the essential "App Bar" in the Library of Android's Material Design? It is the most essential primary bar of any Android App, below the Status Bar. It holds the name of the App, Titles and even the Navigation tabbar, that I found). 

I can't find anything in Proto.io Library that looks close to this primary component of any Android Design as described in Material Design guidelines here : https://material.io/guidelines/layout/structure.html#structure-app-bar

Better, where and when would be available a component in proto.io or any template that would replicate the scrolling patterns of such classic bar with tabbars below, as described here : https://material.io/guidelines/patterns/scrolling-techniques.html#scrolling-techniques-app-bar-scrollable-regions ?

In Proto.io Library, nothing seems to come close to this bar. The "Toolbar" for example does not respect the guidelines for the TITLE placement. All butons/icons are absent.

Have I missed something or do you care?

Thanks a lot for your help. It's an emergency!. Designing for iOS was great with proto.io but now useless if I have to try to design all this from scratch for Android. Especially the motions. But just asking for the right mockup element now.




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