2-directional (L-shaped) drag and hold

I'm interested in using the drag feature on a slider that will not just be left-to-right, but a 2-directional drag (drag down first, then to the right, in an L shape) as a "dead man's switch" sort of device. I can define the drag area of the item and specify vertical or horizontal, but I'm not sure how (or whether possible) to have a custom drag area that is more complex than a rectangle (i.e. a right-angle L shape) or whether i can alter the directional constraints once the object hits a target (the corner of the L).

The other thing I'm trying to do is to have the user then hold the draggable object in position to trigger a state change, but if they release, it needs to snap back to the starting position, to the left first, then up (reversing the path described above, basically), and then revert to the previous state.

Can you advise whether this is something that can be done in proto, or whether there are tutorials that might put me in the right direction to achieve this?

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