Change state / open multiple menus from horizontal bar

Hi, another question.

I am having difficulty creating open states for multiple menu items.

The items are contained within the header bar, which is structured as follows:

Logo (left) - no interactions

Horizontally  on the right of the hearer bar are:

Filter icon - Seach icon - Menu icon

When any of these items are clicked, it should trigger an open item state

I have the menu and search set up to transition between default and open states.

However, only one works at a time. It is whichever is placed as the top-most layer will open and show the active state.

I suspect it is something with the containers overlaying one another, but even when I reset it so that the container is only the open / active state and the trigger is on an icon on  the main timeline, it does not work.

The active state replaces the original icon with a (close x) icon and so I cannot place the active-state container below that header bar. Unless you can tell me how to change the icon appearance on click plus show a hidden container ? Is that how to do it?

Each works individually if set as the higher layer.

These would only be open one at a time. If one is open and a different icon is clicked, the previously open one will close and be replaced by the new open selection.

Please advise. Thank you!

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