Dragging and still getting mouseover events?

I'm trying to mock up an interaction where the user drags one thing over something else, and the second thing still responds like a mouseover.  Really, I just need mouseover events to pass through an element while it is being dragged.  I'm guessing there is 3 ways of doing this, none of which I can seem to make headway on.

1. Cut a tiny hole in the thing the user is dragging.  On drag begin, offset the container being dragged so that the little hole is right under the mouse (unfortunately, I can't quite seem to get mouseX or mouseY).
2. Find some way to set a container to completely propagate mouseactions, which I can't figure out how to do.
3. Write custom scripts to determine if the drag object is nearby, and respond appropriately.  Considering there are about 30 things to collide, I'm not sure where to begin on that one.

Any thoughts?

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