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Hello proto community,

I have beginners problem so sorry to bother. I have a screen with a search field and I want the search field to go in 3 states with no keyword, half keyword and full keyword. In parallel a second element 'drop down' should show a drop down with search results that filter out along the three states. The transition should only happen when I click the search field. 

Now I have 2 questions:

1. If I forget about the drop down for now, how can I control the transition to go from one screen state to another only by clicking the search field? Whenever I click it, it automatically goes to state 3 and not step by step. I added the transition to the search field and added a stop transition to the screen states, but that didn't work. 

2. Am I correct to assume that I can only do this by adding 2 containers to the page with 3 states and then create 3 states of the screen where I point to the right container state and control the process by interactions on the search container (which is problem 1:-)

Thank you very much for any answers and have a lovely day!




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