The App

To experience how your app's prototype will look and feel on the actual device you are designing for, you can use the app. You can:

  • Login with your account credentials and access all your projects (also switch between accounts).
  • Use the app without the need to login to preview projects shared using Share links.
  • Preview your projects in full screen without any obstructions.
  • Interact with your projects using all supported touch gestures: Pinch, swipe, tap, tap & hold and more.
  • Preview any prototype on any device/screen size regardless of the device /screen size it was designed for.
  • Confidently preview your prototypes, even when your connection is unreliable or non-existent. This requires having previewed these projects while being online, which results in them being downloaded on your device.
  • Record a user session (interaction, face, audio) for user testing purposes, powered by Lookback (requires a Lookback account). Currently available in the app for iOS.


Get the App

To get started you need to download the app from the App Store and Google Play.

For iOS

App Store:

For Android

Google Play:


Previewing a prototype offline - "On This Device"

With our native iOS and Android apps, you can download your prototypes to your device and use them while offline. It's just like having your prototype on your phone. It's always there, loads fast, and performs well. You never need to worry about the connection to confidently demo it.

Download your prototype

Downloading your prototype on your device is as easy as launching it. Any prototype you view on your device is automatically downloaded.

The blue icon indicates that the particular project has been downloaded and is available "On This Device"

The red bubble next to the "On this Device" icon indicates that an updated version is available to download.

View your prototype

Your downloaded prototypes can be accessed in the 'On this device' section of the menu. These prototypes are on your device and ready to be demoed when you are.

Delete downloaded prototypes

If you don't want to retain certain prototypes on your device in order to save space, touch and hold on the thumbnail and you will be prompted to select projects to be deleted.


Reloading your prototype

You can pull down to refresh your projects list. You can also reload the prototype you are previewing in the app, by tapping on the relevant option in the Options menu that appears on a three finger tap or when shaking your device.


Recording your session

With the app you can record your session and store the recording at your Lookback account (video recording is currently available in the app for iOS). It requires that you first connect your Lookback account to your account - see Setting up Lookback

To do this, the Share link you view has to have the relevant option enabled (see Sharing your Project). In the app, when opening the particular project you will be prompted to enable screen recording, microphone and facecam. You can control the recording from the options menu that appears on a three finger tap or when shaking your device. While recording is in progress, you will be seeing a red circle flashing on the top of your screen.

"Force recording" option

"Optional" recording option

Recording enabled, facecam and microphone enabled.

Options menu - Recording pauses when this opens. Recording controls appear here.

When you stop recording you will be prompted to upload the video file to the connected Lookback account. You will find the recording in your Lookback account > Dashboard > Recordings tab.


How to use the app

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