How do I get a video recording of a user experiencing my prototype?

Research shows that just 5 test users are enough to discover 85% of usability problems (Nielsen Norman group). Testing your prototype with real users will give you important feedback on what needs to be improved. It's easy to do and you'll be amazed by the results. You can also test alternative designs, or just record yourself doing a walkthrough of your prototype to share with stakeholders.

Here's what a recording from your users experiencing your prototype looks like. 

Watch the video 

What you need

You'll need a account, the App (video recording is currently available in the app for iOS) and a Lookback account.  
Please read an important announcement regarding Lookback accounts.


Setting things up

You'll have to connect your account to your Lookback account so that the recordings from the app are uploaded and managed in Lookback. You only have to do this once.

You can do this from the Dashboard, or from the Share modal upon creating a Share link for the prototype you want to test (see below).

From Dashboard

From Share modal


You will be asked to log into Lookback and then authorize to connect your account to your Lookback account.

That's it! You 're ready to enable video recordings on your Share links.


Getting video recordings on a prototype

In the Share modal, turn the 'Video recording' switch on. 


You have the option to 'Force recording', in which case users must record their session while previewing the prototype on the app (iOS). If this switch is OFF then users can choose whether to record their session or not. In both cases, they can choose to enable facecam and microphone. Recording their screen is standard.


Once the Share link settings are set, you can copy and send the link to your test users. 

A user who gets the Share link will open it in the app (iOS) on their device. They will then be prompted to choose their recording settings (see images below).

'Force Recording' switch ON

'Force Recording' switch OFF

Recording enabled, facecam and microphone enabled.

Options menu (on 3-finger tap) - Recording pauses when this opens. Recording controls appear here.

After they finish interacting with your prototype, they can stop recording. They will be prompted to upload the video recording file to the connected Lookback account. You will find the recording in your Lookback account > Dashboard > Recordings for you to go through with your team. 

Learn more about the app here.


* paid and trial accounts

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