Creating your first project

Create your project

Once you sign in you see the Dashboard.

  1. Click +NEW PROJECT button
  2. Select project name
  3. Select project type (smartphone, tablet, web desktop, or custom for which you specify the dimensions) 
  4. Select screen size (comes with device skin). This option doesn’t apply to custom devices.
  5. Click CREATE


Building your screens

You enter the Editor.

  • Start populating your screen by dragging in UI components or templates available in the Libraries tab on the right. Customize them by resizing and repositioning on the canvas and editing properties in the Inspector. 
  • You can also upload your own assets in the bottom right pane and drag them in the canvas.
  • Create more screens and repeat the above process.


Adding interactivity

You can create interactions to take you from one screen to another using the interaction wizard. Just pick up the lightning bolt on the left of a selected element and drop it on the destination screen. A relevant interaction is created in the Inspector (seen on the right).


Continue with previewing your project.


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