Sharing your first project

Once you’re happy with what you’ve created and want to share it with someone (your team, stakeholders, test users, etc.) just click Share on the top menu.


Click Share Project in the modal that pops up.


Your Share link is ready and ready to be copied and shared with others. This Share link is public and points to the up-to-date version of your prototype (i.e. Live version).


Click on Settings on the top right for more options.


One of the most important options is the Snapshot, which shares a version of your prototype taken at that exact moment in time. This is particularly useful when you want to keep on working on your prototype after sharing it, but do not want others to see these changes.

Your shared prototype can be accessed by everyone who has the Share link (you can optionally password-protect it) unless you choose to share it with reviewers only.

This is a more secure way to share, as only users with login privileges, that you include in the reviewers' list can access this shared prototype.

You also need a Share link when you plan to embed your prototype into a web page as well as when you plan to carry out user testing with one of the platforms integrates with.

Learn more about these options in Sharing in

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